Spring has sprung. The sun is chasing away the gloom and the chill. As time flies and seasons change, somehow livid memories find their ways to remain in the heart. Fear not, my heart, just as grass sprouts and flowers bloom after frozen, we will continue to move forward. With mesmerizing colors of Spring and the first bloom of cherry blossoms, comes new hope for new beginning.

Fabrik+Ink Cherry Blossom 2016 is inspired by the spirit of new life embodied in cherry blossom festivals in Japan. The culture is rich with storytelling tradition through various form of art, including theatre, music, vusial art, and shadow play. Such intricate pattern is revisited and translated into contemporary design extracting the component uniquely Japanese such as Sakura, crane, and geometrics. The collection’s color palette is inspired dusty hue of old Japanese manuscript, combined with contemporary vibrant color of magenta, tosca, and blue. It is our pleasure to bring you Cherry Blossom 2016 – home décor collection, and more.